The Tren Maya Festival will be a cultural and tourist event held in the five states along the Tren Maya route in México. Each state will have a specific venue where cultural activities, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions will be presented.

Stages by State

Each state along the Tren Maya route will have a stage that reflects its cultural identity:

  • Chiapas: Marimba concerts, traditional dances, textile exhibitions, and local cuisine.
  • Tabasco: Tropical music, Tabasqueño cooking workshops, and guided tours of archaeological sites.
  • Campeche: Regional music performances, colonial art displays, and recreational activities on the boardwalk.
  • Yucatán: Maya music festivals, pre-Hispanic art exhibitions, and culinary tastings.
  • Quintana Roo: Live music on the beaches, water activities, and contemporary dance performances.

Activities and Experiences

Concerts and Performances:

  • Local and national artists will offer concerts at each state stage.
  • Dance and theater performances representing local culture and traditions.

Markets and Exhibitions:

  • Craft markets where attendees can buy local products.
  • Art and photography exhibitions showcasing the cultural heritage of each state.

Tourist Experiences:

  • Guided tours of the main tourist attractions in each region.
  • Recreational and sports activities, such as hiking and nature exploration.

Special Tren Maya Ticket

The Tren Maya Festival will offer a special ticket that will allow participants to:

  • Get on and off the Tren Maya at any station and stop without limit during the duration of the festival.
  • Access to discounts on tickets to tourist sites and special events in each state.
  • Participate in exclusive experiences and guided tours.

And there’s even more!

Additional activities at the Tren Maya Festival

Photography Contests

Invite attendees to capture moments of the festival and reward the best photos with certificates or promotional products.

Traditional Games Tournaments

Competitions of traditional Mexican games, such as lotería or pirinola. These are easy-to-learn games and can be a fun way to connect attendees with local culture.

Local Legends and Myths Tours

Guided tours of the historical and natural sites of the festival, where local stories and legends are told. Participants could learn about the rich oral tradition of the region and explore places with cultural or spiritual significance.

Gastronomic Tours

Gastronomic tours where participants can taste typical dishes from each state at local restaurants and street food stalls.

Why hold the Tren Maya Festival?

To celebrate the culture, promote tourism, and strengthen the local economy

Cultural and Touristic Promotion

The Tren Maya Route Festival seeks to highlight and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of southeastern Mexico. By organizing an event that combines music, dance, art, gastronomy, and local traditions, visitors are offered an immersive experience that promotes cultural tourism and educates the public about the diversity and richness of the region.

Regional Economic Boost

One of the main purposes of the festival is to stimulate the local economy by attracting national and international tourists. With an event of this magnitude, employment opportunities are generated and sales increase in sectors such as hospitality, restaurants, transportation, and crafts. Additionally, investment in infrastructure and services that benefit local communities in the long term is promoted.